What is Parking Guidance? 

An innovative system allowing customers to park faster and safer with more security.

Parking Guidance Systems (PGS) utilizes a combination of traffic monitoring, communications and processing through sensors and sign technologies to provide drivers with dynamic information about the parking availability within a controlled area. Sensors that detect the occupancy of each parking space and transmit the information to signs at each decision point in the parking area to guide drivers to the closest available space to them. The adaptive lighting sensors and parking space indicators above each parking space displays a color that helps drivers quickly locate the available space in the aisle they are directed to (green for available, red is occupied and blue is reserved for disability parking. 

Our parking guidance systems have the capability to interact with mobile apps to further improve the motorist experience, such as assisting motorists in finding unoccupied parking spaces as well as vehicle location when returning to the car. 

We offer parking solutions throughout the United States, and across the world. 

Our System In Action