Improve parking congestion.

Accommodate more customers.

Provide hassle-free parking for your customers with the cutting-edge technology of our parking guidance system.   

There's so many reasons to invest in parking guidance system

Our systems are proven to get drivers to open parking spaces 24% faster even when the garage is over 75% full. 

The parking garage becomes more efficient when drivers are guided to open parking spaces, resulting in
10-20% increased volume. This means more parking for your customers and improved revenue for you.

Congestion in the garage is significantly reduced, resulting in fewer cars circling looking for spaces and a much safer garage for drivers and pedestrians.

What is Parking Guidance System (PGS)?

Parking Guidance Systems (PGS) utilize cutting-edge technology to detect the occupancy of each parking space through sensors. The information from the sensors is transmitted to a series of signs at each decision point in the garage, and sometime around the garage or precinct, to guide drivers to the closest available space. 

The information collected from our parking guidance systems can be shared to websites and apps, so drivers get real-time status of parking spacesavailable and where. 




Our Systems In Action